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Pruning fosters growth
A well-maintained garden requires time and expertise. We are the right address for maintenance of your garden. We offer various types of contracts to match your garden and your wishes, ranging from a year-round total maintenance contract to the occasional maintenance of a hedge or a tree: for us, it’s natural.

Total maintenance
You can agree a contract for the total maintenance of your garden throughout the year. We plan the work for the whole year in consultation with you. We prune and fertilise your plant material, maintain lawns and gravel paths, keep your garden weed-free, fight disease and control pests. All you have to do is simply enjoy your garden to the full.

Long-term maintenance
We advise that a maintenance contract is put in place  to regularly prune your trees, shrubs and hedges. With this type of contract your valuable topiary trees and espaliers are guaranteed to remain in good shape and condition. Armed with our pruning shears we visit you twice a year and fertilise your plant material to ensure healthy growth.

Occasional maintenance
You are also welcome to make an appointment with us for occasional maintenance, such as pruning a tree or a hedge which may have outgrown you.

In every single case we plan maintenance and pruning together with you, making clear agreements on our working method, and the supply and removal of any material.

You are welcome to contact us under no obligation for more information or simply fill in our contact form and ask any questions you may have about the available options. We will then contact you as soon as possible.