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Large trees enrich the environment we live in.

Our Garden Creation and construction department can design and construct your garden. This includes the ground work, paving, fencing and even lighting through to swimming pools and outdoor kitchens. Our team of specialists ensure a professional approach in realising your garden project.

De Limieten is also the place to come for maintenance and we can offer long term maintenance contracts for your garden. We offer a range of options, depending on your wishes. Our horticulturalists have completed a series of exceptional garden projects in recent years.

We start each project, whether small or large, by making firm agreements. We reflect your wishes in a clear offer specifying all activities, materials and a time schedule to ensure that you know exactly what you have ‘agreed’ to. You are welcome to contact us under no obligation for more information, an appointment, or simply fill in our contact form stating your wishes or any questions you may have.