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Custom garden advice

If you’re a Garden lovers who could use help and advice in designing or redesigning their garden are welcome to utilise the knowledge and experience of our Garden Coach. Our green specialist will provide you with the correct advice to bring out the best in your garden and resolve any constraints. Sometimes just small alterations help revitalise your garden or create more privacy. A round of pruning or planting trees, hedges or plants could make a world of difference in the way you experience your garden. 

The Garden Coach works on an appointment basis. Please feel free to make an appointment for a consultation with us at our plant centre in Huizen, or invite the Garden Coach to your home for a consultation. In mutual agreement with you our Garden Coach will ensure that you’ll gain even greater enjoyment from your garden.

Our Garden Coach will provide you guidance and will provide you with a detailed planting plan, he can then quote for any planting that needs doing, he can also offer you advice on the maintenance plan, and indeed a maintenance service can be offered . If you are a keen Horticulturalists you can still learn from the wealth of knowledge and experience at De Limieten’s.

A one-hour garden consultation at our nursery in Huizen costs EUR 20. We ask you to bring a map of your property and photographs of your garden you’ll come away with ideas and concrete actions to help you on your way.

You are also welcome to invite the Garden Coach to your home to enable him or her to get a true feel for the situation of your garden. The incidence of light, the condition of the soil or the location of your garden in respect of your home or your neighbour’s home will be optimally visualised first hand.

The costs of visiting your home depends on the location. You will contribute to the travel costs. We’ll calculate the exact amount when the appointment is made. More details can also be found in this leaflet.

Why not take up De Limieten's Garden Coach’s offer, he will breath life into your garden!