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Plants and trees from De Limieten are regularly used green up events. The vibrant green foliage adds character and atmosphere to trade show stands, exhibition and other halls or event venues. We only rent out outdoor plants. Almost all trees and plants in boxes or containers are available for rent. These include stem conifer balls, Buxus cloud trees, solitary trees and shrubs or bamboo in large planter boxes. They adapt to every season. Large plant material is an absolute eye-catcher and is bound to attract more attention.

You are welcome to come to our Huizen showroom to personally select the trees you would like. Please make an appointment so that we can take the time to advise you.

The rental price of our products amounts to 25% of the sales price, excluding transport costs to the location. Rental is conditional on your guaranteeing that our products receive proper care, i.e. they must be watered. Particularly if our products are indoors, they require extra watering each day. Feel free to enquire without obligation about the options for your event.