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Working with green professionals

De Limieten has been the supplier of large and unique plant material for green businesses for many years. Horticulturalists, garden designers and landscape architects in the Netherlands and abroad use our large trees, hedges and plants to landscape their projects.

We supply large quantities of trees and plants from stock from our production nursery in Ermelo. This is where we grow large and varied garden classics, such as hedge elements with Taxus, Ilex, Fagus, Carpinus and topiary trees ranging from four to six metres in height.

We would like to work with you. Our mutual aim is to ensure satisfied customers who will gain many years of enjoyment from our plants and trees. 

If desired, we will help transport and plant all new products to ensure that our plant material gets off to a good start at their new location.
Professional green businesses are welcome to register and log in to view our actual stocks.