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about us

Welcome to De Limieten

For over 35 years De Limieten has enjoyed acclaim for cultivating large and mature deciduous trees, Buxus cloud trees, Taxus and holly hedges as well as for its garden landscaping business. With love and enthusiasm we contribute to creating beautiful gardens – ranging from private gardens to gardens for business premises, parks and country estates. Our activities range from designing, building and planting to maintaining gardens.

In 35 years we have evolved from a traditional tree nursery into a complete garden landscaping business offering everything you need for your garden. We design, maintain and build gardens. We sell large plant material and garden plants to both private individuals and garden professionals.

Countless gardens by De Limieten have been created in the Netherlands and abroad over the past ten years. Our products were even chosen for English gardens, including show gardens.

We recently launched the De Limieten Garden Coach, a service deploying our green knowledge and experience. Our already highly valued new service
combines all of our qualities: our love of everything green, design and craftsmanship.

No matter what department you’re dealing with, you can always rely on the collective knowledge and experience of all staff at De Limieten, plus the quality with which we have developed our business.